Help with my blog

Was wondering if anyone can help me.  I’d like to post a BBB logo down on the right side of my link,  and link it to my BBB review site.  Does anyone know if it is possible, and how to do it?

Also, I have “search” box, but can’t the word “search” to appear above the box, like Pat and Laura Harders have on their blog.  Any help?


2 Responses to “Help with my blog”

  1. exteriorlighting Says:

    I can offer some help… you can use the logo on your website if you are a member of the BBB Accreditation Seal Program (and you don’t have to sign up for this from my understanding; as long as you are a BBB accredited member who has operated in your BBB territory for over one year, and if you have unresolved complaints against you, you agree to comply with BBB’s decision). Check out this link for more info:
    I noticed that Robin helped the McDonoughs (Northwest FL) with a BBB logo on theirs, but when you click on it, it doesn’t take you to the link of their BBB report:
    Maybe Robin can help you do this on your local web page? I don’t know if you need it on your blog really, since a blog is a little bit more “informal” in nature…what do you think?

    To answer your other question about the word “search” appearing above the actual search box… I created another text box widget with the word “Search” as the title and left the content blank. This way it appears to be a part of the Search Box widget (but it’s not). It bugged me that the search box disappears into the black background on its own, so I decided to add in the word “search.” Let me know if you need any other blog help! Laura in Northern Virginia.

  2. alamocitylights Says:

    Awesome help! Thank you!

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