Google AdWords book recommendation from Pat

Hi everyone!  It was great to see you at the annual meeting in Dallas.  We hope you found the Social Marketing Round-Table facilitated by Robin, Laura and I informative and applicable for your market.

I highly recommend the book Winning results with Google AdWords by Andrew Goodman.  Even if you are looking to hire someone to manage your Google AdWords, you should educate yourself to make certain they know what they are doing. 

This book is easy to read, gives you the history of internet advertising, and can help you save thousands of dollars each year on advertising.  After reading it we were able to change our entire ad campaign, reduce costs, increase our CTR (click thru rate), and drive more traffic to our local web page. 

Google AdWords can help give you a solid foundation for your internet marketing campaign.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

Brightest regards,
Pat in Northern Virginia


The annual sales meeting at the Mirage in Las Vegas

One of the tips and tricks about having a blog is to link to popular sites. So, since we just got back from Vegas, I thought I would add a blog piece with links to some of the great things we saw and places we visited. So, here goes.

The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas was beatiful. For example, in this last sentance, I linked to the city of Las Vegas because their travel and tourism site likely receives very strong traffic. The rooms at the Mirage were really beautiful and they were very comfortable. Everything was clean as could be expected. The picture on this page is the room I had.

On the last night, Julie Hough and I took a walk down to the Bellagio Hotel to see some Las Vegas lights. I had not been there before so this was a real treat. The fountains at the Bellagio were amazing. I had thought that they would just have very tall fountain flows but that was not the case at all. There was a water fountain show. It was to Disney music and the fountains danced and soared to the music. It was a tremendous treat.

Again, never having been to Vegas before, the Donnie & Marie Vegas Show struck me as odd. I would have never expected Donnie and Marie to have a show in what they call sin city. Marie Osmond sure does look great after that Nutrisystem diet. We didn’t see her in person but she and Donnie had a huge sign over the door at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

On the way home, I had a huge chunk of time when I had to wait at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. In general, the airport was very clean and comfortable. Although, my biggest disappointment was that they did not have CNN playing on TV monitors. That would have made the wait go much better.

One good thing is I bought a sandwich at the Carnegie Deli at the Mirage before I left and took it to the airport with me. I used their take-out. They made it very quickly and as can be expected from a New York style deli, it was huge!

The other restaurant at the Mirage in Las Vegas that I loved was called Cravings. It was a huge buffet. I went for breakfast and they had a tremendous selection. A couple of my favorites included the eggs benedict and also the latin breakfast section.

So you can see in this article, I am trying to link to lots of sites that have high traffic because this is a technique that will help with SEO in organic search engine listings. When we start to get traffic on this article, I will let you how it works.

Check out!

Check this out!


So, the traffic on my own personal blog basically stinks. But on Friday I work in my daughter’s classroom for about an hour. I come home and emote onto my blog about how amazing teachers are and how I can’t possibly fathom how they do it all. I do a few things, go out shopping, have some lunch, and go to do another post. I take a look at my stats and see a bump on my views. So I think I might have had 20 people or so look at it. Then I looked at the scale and it was over 200!! This was in a matter of hours.

So, has the most amazing stats. You are able to click on the blip for that day and it tells you what articles people viewed, what they searched for, what sites sent people, etc.

I saw that the high volume traffic was coming from

I looked up it up and it’s truly legit. It’s a really cool site where when you go to their page, they rotate WordPress blogs that are being updated and published right at that moment. So, you get to see the freshest news hot off the “wire”.

I read some more about the site and they said they were working on a personalization engine that could allow people to see updated blogs that were specifically aligned to their personal preferences. That would be great.

But here’s the real aHa. If you do a post about them, your post is automatically picked up on their site. Take a look at how my traffic went from negligible, to over 200 when my teacher article was picked up, to over 900 when I wrote a post about their site.

I highly recommend it for both viewing enjoyment and also for SEO.

Interactive Marketing Presentation from the Archadeck Annual Meeting

To all the Archadeck franchise partners and owners, thanks so much for having me at your annual meeting. I loved having a chance to speak about our plans for our new franchise home pages, upcoming web site redesign, and our SEO, SEM and social marketing efforts we will engage in throughout the year.

First let me say, I’m really excited to use social marketing to communicate with eachother and share ideas. The way this works is, if you want to share articles about things related to interactive marketing for our franchise businesses, please let me know and I will add you as an author on this site.

Here is the presentation:

Interactive Marketing Goal

· Drive qualified leads to you

How Do We Drive Leads

  1. Have a compelling place for leads to go with rich information and imagery
  2. Use the web to drive prospective leads to your site

Your New Web Site and Home Page redesign

Brand new home page for each Archadeck franchisee –

Rich customized experience with:

Personalized content

Your photos

Your video

Compelling offer and lead form on the page

Every franchise gets a page – Free

Search Engines

· How can I get more people to find me on Google?

Search Engine Results – 3 Parts


Search Engines & Money


Improving Local Listings – Right Now


Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Marketing


Search Engines



I’m here to help you. Contact me for help.

Robin Steele

Interactive Marketing Manager

Outdoor Living Brands –

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives –

Archadeck –

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Archadeck Franchise Corporation –

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